In today’s industrial world, only those organizations that follow the motto of creativity and innovation and show flexibility toward environmental changes as part of their business will succeed in the arena of competition. Given the present-day and modern living conditions as well as rapid changes in technology and diverse cultural, artistic and economic needs, people must shift from their traditional lifestyle and adapt themselves to new and modern patterns and needs. Undoubtedly, preserving past achievements and moving ahead in tandem with future developments and challenges requires a broad perspective, continuous enhancement of the quality and quantity of services, employment of modern know-how and technology, and earnest endeavors.


Today, we intend to take a novel step in the realms of culture, art and economy. We have set the enhancement of the quality of services as our top priority and have determined customer satisfaction as our most important mission. An effective and efficient presence in the competitive market and gaining a larger share of the world market are among Baroque Art Club’s plans aimed at achieving its strategic goals. Benefiting from the knowledge and experience of qualified manpower and having presence in national and international arenas are considered as means of demonstrating our capabilities. We trust that with the grace of God and the endeavors and support of elites, artists, industrialists, and brand owners, we would be able to adopt a greater role in enhancing the culture, art and economy of our beloved land at various levels.



As a cultural and art institute, Baroque has set its vision as achieving the highest levels of offering international cultural and art services and providing modern solutions for artwork marketing by relying on Divine blessings, employing qualified consultants and staff, and benefiting from the presence of the elite, renowned artists and owners of luxury brands. To this end and for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction, Baroque has set the following as its quality policy:

- Developing market studies with the aim of present in the new international markets of culture, art and trade

- Using scientific methods by way of boosting R&D activities with the aim of developing optimum services in compliance with technical principles and gaining a higher rank and credit

- Outrivaling competitors by way of developing the quality of services provided for those interested in culture and art

- Enhancing the level of quality and skills of the staff as the most valuable asset of the institute


To this end, we have placed emphasis on innovation and continuous and reliable improvement of the quality management system on our agenda, and intend to indentify and address the current and future needs of international clients in the areas of culture and art by conducting value engineering; therefore, by making our processes more efficient, we would be able to gain the trust of our clients as a means of implementing our strategic goals and plans. By believing and remaining steadfast to ethical and moral values, Baroque’s management commits itself and its staff to complying with such principles and policies.



Baroque was founded based on the idea of providing the ground for gathering and developing knowledge-based and practical information in the areas of culture, art and economy. Our mission at Baroque is to provide meticulous and high quality services based on experience and knowledge at the international level so as to be able to provide our clients and audience with professional services.



International development of supply of artworks coupled with enhancing the quality and level of knowledge of the institute.



Preserving and boosting an efficient share of international supply of artworks, upgrading the quality of services, achieving customer satisfaction, emphasizing innovation and creativity, and making efficient use of the workforce.



- Launching a café gallery and art museum

- Launching the largest databank of international players in culture and art

- Setting up educational workshops in different areas of visual arts

- Launching a center for international studies of artworks

- Publishing a domestic journal of presentable artworks

- Digital and written publication of artworks

- Participating in creating artworks and supporting artists at the international level